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We begin! Mentored by Eleanor Green, the first meeting held in the home of Mary Sydney Green in Spring ’91.
We travel to Crosby Arboretum for tour by Lyn Crosby Gammill.


In-house flower show at home of Mrs. Wilson Montjoy.
Denny Bellingrath visited our club and gave a program on horticulture—take small steps, just begin, and above all get started!!! Meeting was at Binny Webb’s house. Mary Sydney Green hosted a party the night before.

Garden Club adopts Hinds County Courthouse as a civic project. We meet with sheriff McMillan and clean up grounds and plant new materials. We listen to architect Bob Canizaro give us the history of the Art Deco building.


We travel to Lauren Rogers Museum for tour and lunch at Eleanor Green’s home.
We tour club member Miriam Ethridge’s home and gardens, which will be featured on the Madison County Home and Garden Tour.


“Floraison” fundraiser benefits Mynelle Gardens.
In-house flower arranging—How-to program!
We travel to Natchez to visit Mrs. Frank Shields’ home, Monteigne.


We assist Habitat for Humanity’s Birdhouse Day at Northpark Mall. We make food and help sell birdhouses.
We sponsor dinner with Nature Conservancy. Dr. Robert Marston is lecturer on protecting Gulf Coast waters. Club members decorate each table with appropriate theme of water and earth. Fabulous!


We tour Porter’s Creek Herb Farm in Terry, Mississippi.
Garden Club provides small floral arrangements for National Symphony Orchestra guests in Jackson.
Garden Club plants entrance garden to Mississippi Museum of Art.
Garden Club makes financial donation to Mississippi Museum of Art to help install a sprinkler system at the museum.


Fundraiser featuring Libbey Oliver benefits Mynelle Gardens.
Garden Club travels to Strong River Camp and Farm, owned by club member Tay Gillespie.
“Arranging Flowers from Your Garden”—club members bring their garden flowers.
Garden Club has fall flower show. Two divisions: horticulture and design.
We install yard for one Habitat for Humanity home.
We give financial donation to Habitat for Humanity so they can buy bulbs.


Marge Sullivan, GCA NYC Comm. Chmn. comes to visit and talk to us.


“Floraison III” benefits Mynelle Gardens.
Club members have in-house contest featuring table settings and coordinating flower arrangements.


Spring Garden Tour—our first! And it POURED rain and TORNADOES were promised (but didn’t happen).
Proceeds benefited Mynelle Gardens.
We install yards for two Habitat for Humanity homes.


Garden Club has second Spring Home and Garden Tour. Better weather, better crowd. Proceeds benefited Eudora Welty Garden.


Third Spring Home and Garden Tour offers lunch this year. Grand weather, grand success! Proceeds benefited The Oaks.


We are visited by GCA club members Carolyn Ruth Stancil, Allyn Boone, Ginger Wallace, Nancy Godshall, Carol McDonald, and Martha Love Bradley.
President Joanne Cheek honors guests with a cocktail buffet at her home, and Gloria Walker opens her home for the February meeting.

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